What makes a ride an ITN ride?

So ITNs give rides. That’s obvious. But lots of organizations give rides these days: buses and taxis, Uber and Lyft and a host of other startups. Lots of people are now offering to come to your door, pick you up and take you wherever you want to go.

So what makes an ITN ride different? Lots of things, it turns out, but let’s focus on two in particular:

  • Our level of service — ITNs are designed with seniors in mind. Our drivers provide arm-through-arm, door-through-door service on every ride, and our members notice the difference. They consistently give ITN extremely high satisfaction ratings — almost 97 percent of riders rate their experiences as “excellent” or “very good.” Our staff and volunteers are courteous, punctual and caring, and it’s not uncommon for riders and drivers to develop close friendships. ITN riders usually sit in the front seat rather than the back. Rides feel more like a trip with a friend than a car service. Our drivers are fueled by a desire to serve their local communities, to make a difference and to give back. Their passion and dedication show in everything they do.
  • Our payment innovations — ITNs accept money for rides, but that’s only one of the possible ways to pay. We know budgeting can be difficult, so we came up with a host of options members can use to afford rides without ever reaching for a wallet. Able to drive now but worried about the future? Volunteer as a driver and earn credits for your future transportation needs. Able to drive sometimes (during the day) but uncomfortable other times (at night)? Volunteer as a driver and earn credits for the off hours. No longer able to drive but still have a car? Our CarTrade program allows you to transform the vehicle sitting in your driveway into miles in the passenger seat. Have a friend or family member a few states away who wants to support you getting from place to place? They can drive for their local ITN and share their credits across the network, exchanging their driving in one place into rides for you in another. We came up with as many options as we could to ensure a safe transition from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat for seniors. Because mobility shouldn’t end with the ability to drive.

Those are the big things, but a bunch of little things make ITNs different too, things like:

  • Inexpensive rides — As a nonprofit using volunteers we keep costs down. Short rides might work out similar to a taxi service, but as the miles rack up the difference grows.
  • Cash-free transactions — No money changes hands over the course of a trip, all payments come from your personal ITN account. Just get in and go.
  • Set rates — There is no surge pricing during busy periods with ITN. Rates are set and clearly laid out.
  • No tipping — Drivers are not allowed to accept tips for rides or offering assistance. It’s just what we do.
  • Nonprofit structure — There is no push for profits with ITN rides.
  • Safety — All drivers are screened to ensure a good driving record and safe environment.
  • Community support — Merchants and healthcare providers support your rides through our Ride & Shop and Healthy Miles programs.
  • Personal — Human beings answer the phone to schedule your ride.

Riding with ITN is less like using a transportation service and more like being part of a mobility club. ITNs are locally organized and run, focused on you and your community. Members can prepare for their own post-car years by giving rides today in a pay-it-forward model of ride sharing. And as nonprofits, ITNs are under no pressure to make money. With ITNs, the community becomes the shareholder, and benefits of shared mobility stay local. ITNs make a difference. Local solutions, national support.

Let us give you a ride.

4 thoughts on “What makes a ride an ITN ride?

  • I was with ITN for about 3 years & loved the service. Then they went out of business in San Diego CA. Are you back now?

    • Hi Dottie. Thanks for reaching out. We are not in San Diego currently, but we do have a Trusted Transportation Partner, Elder Help of San Diego, operating in San Diego. Our Trusted Transportation Partners are different from affiliates, but they are organizations approved by ITNAmerica and shown to provide excellent service. A full list of our Trusted Transportation Partners is available on our website.

    • Hi Florence. Thanks for getting in touch. The best way to see what options are in your area is to call our Rides in Sight hotline (1-800-607-4337) or go to the Rides in Sight website. Rides in Sight has information on ride services across the United States. If there isn’t an ITN in your area, Rides in Sight will tell you who in your community offers similar service.
      Hopefully that helps!

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