What does a ride with ITN cost?

ITNAmerica is dedicated to senior transport, but with 14 affiliates in 12 states and a range of services it can be confusing to understand the cost structure. For most people the basic question is: What does a ride cost? If I want to get from my home to the grocery store, to the post office, to a friend’s house, what will I have to pay?

Every ITN rider has three costs to consider:

  1. Membership
  2. A pickup fee
  3. Per mile fee

The first step to riding with us is becoming an ITN member. Annual membership costs vary by affiliate — in Portland, Maine, membership costs $50 a year for an individual, $60 for a family; in Bergen County, New Jersey, an individual pays $90 a year for membership, and a family pays $100. Each ITN affiliate sets its own membership fee, so contact your local affiliate to learn how much your dues are.

Next, the pickup: Every ITN ride begins with a dedicated driver coming to your door and escorting you to the vehicle. This is our trademark arm-through-arm, door-through-door service, the thing that makes us different. Our rides also begin with a pickup fee. These fees are also set by the affiliate — in Portland, Maine, the pickup fee is $4; in Bergen County, New Jersey, the pickup fee is $2.50. The cost of any ride begins with the pickup fee, so for any calculations be sure to include it. And again, these fees vary by affiliate, so contact your local ITN to find out what they charge.

Lastly, ITNs bill per mile. That means for every mile you are driven you will be charged a set rate — in Portland, Maine, each ride is billed at $1.50 per mile. Bergen County, New Jersey, uses the same rate, $1.50 per mile.

So what does this look like when you put it all together? A member who calls for a ride to the grocery store four miles from their house in Portland, Maine, will pay $4 for the pickup fee plus $6 (4 miles X $1.50 per mile) in mileage, so $10 total. The same ride in Bergen County, New Jersey, will cost $2.50 for the pickup fee, plus $6 (4 miles X $1.50 per mile) in mileage, so $8.50 total. That is the basic formula to figure out the cost of your ITN ride.

There are additional variables as well:  The pickup fee increases at night, for example, and the per mile rate is higher for same-day ride requests than requests scheduled the day before. If the ride ends at a Ride & Shop or Healthy Miles destination, the merchant or healthcare provider helps pay for your ride, usually a $1 discount. And members who are also volunteer drivers get their membership dues waived. But this is the basic formula, and it applies to every ITN. Once you become a member it’s easy to figure out what each ride will cost. Just contact your local ITN to find the rates for membership, pickup and mileage in your community.

Join, and then give us a call. We’ve got your ride!

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    • Hi Florence. Thanks for getting in touch. The best way to see what options are in your area is to call our Rides in Sight hotline (1-800-607-4337) or go to the Rides in Sight website. Rides in Sight has information on ride services across the United States. If there isn’t an ITN in your area, Rides in Sight will tell you who in your community offers similar service.
      Hopefully that helps!

  • I am an excellent day time driver; lifetime w/o a traffic ticket. I could easily provide curb to curb service. But I use a cane and could not provide “arm to arm” service if that means helping person to walk from front door to car and to destination entry. Would I be eligible to be an ITN driver? My car is a very easy to enter/exit Honda FIT. Thank you.

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