Trusted Partners in Transportation

ITNAmerica is dedicated to supporting sustainable, community based transportation for seniors and visually impaired people. With ITN affiliates in 14 communities in 12 states from Maine to Florida to California, we are a national organization, the hub of a network giving rides across the country.

But ITNAmerica doesn’t just have a network of ITN affiliates. We also partner with 24 organizations nationwide, a group we call Trusted Transportation Partners, or TTPs. Every TTP offers the highest level of transportation service, the sort of service we expect from our own affiliates. We partner with each TTP, supporting them with grant funding so they can offer free or subsidized medical eye care rides to their members. TTPs offer ITN-level service in regions currently without an ITN affiliate, ensuring our efforts to provide free or subsidized medical eye care rides to seniors and visually impaired adults reach across the U.S., and beyond the communities where we work.

This is the third year of the TTP program, and we are excited to announce we have added another 10 organizations to our TTP network:

These new organizations, like every TTP (full list available on our website), offer top-quality transportation service. Together we are working to ensure no one gets stuck at home without a ride, no matter where they live.