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Dignified transportation for seniors

Staying Healthy in September

September is Healthy Aging Month, a month dedicated to keeping yourself fit, eating right and making sure everything operates properly as you age. There are a host of little changes you can make to keep your blood pressure down, your weight on target, your muscles strong and your joints flexible, things like walk more, drink Read more about Staying Healthy in September[…]

Trusted Partners in Transportation

ITNAmerica is dedicated to supporting sustainable, community based transportation for seniors and visually impaired people. With ITN affiliates in 14 communities in 12 states from Maine to Florida to California, we are a national organization, the hub of a network giving rides across the country. But ITNAmerica doesn’t just have a network of ITN affiliates. Read more about Trusted Partners in Transportation[…]

Connecting Families Over Time and Distance

So what else can you do with transportation credits? Transportation credits are the heart of all ITNs, the grease that keeps the ITN machine moving. A few weeks ago we shared a blog posts explaining how transportation credits work, how to earn them and how they can be saved in personal transportation accounts for future Read more about Connecting Families Over Time and Distance[…]

Social Capital: Making ends meet

The world is full capital. Some of it, like financial capital, lives on Wall Street. Another kind, political capital, finds home in Washington D.C. A third version, environmental capital, is stored in forests, oceans and mineral reserves the world over. These are what people typically think of when they think of capital, but here at Read more about Social Capital: Making ends meet[…] is LIVE!

LAUNCHED! ITNAmerica‘s newest program ITNCountry begins with the ITN model, opens it to riders of any age and makes it affordable and accessible to any community anywhere, even small towns. It is software, support, programs and know-how, allowing anyone to build a community-based transportation solution. The future of shared mobility is here. We have been moving Read more about is LIVE![…]

ITN Transportation Credits Explained

Transportation credits are unique, an ITN original. They are integral to everything we do, but they emerged from humble beginnings. In truth, they began as a question: How do we compensate volunteer drivers without increasing cost for riders? Would volunteer drivers accept credits instead of cash reimbursement for “unoccupied miles,” those miles on their way Read more about ITN Transportation Credits Explained[…]

Volunteers Make The ITN Difference!

ITNs are made up of volunteers, people dedicated to their neighbors and their communities. This week one of our affiliates, ITNSunCoast, saw one of their own honored for her deep commitment to community service: Volunteer driver and board member Linda Davis has been honored by the Sarasota branch of Bankers Life with their Golden Beacon Award! The award Read more about Volunteers Make The ITN Difference![…]