National Grandparents’ Day

Sunday is National Grandparents’ Day. Do something grand!

Grandparents are friends, mentors, teachers, heroes, accomplices, confidants  and advisers all rolled into one. They love you, just because you are you.

At ITNAmerica we spend a lot of time thinking about grandparents. They are our core customers, the heart of our membership. Our services are designed for them. ITN drivers spend hours with grandparents every day. We meet them in their homes and at their doorsteps, offer them our arms, carry their bags and packages, and give them rides anywhere they need to go. From beginning to end, ITNs were fashioned with grandparents in mind. We set out to ensure older people have mobility options, the things they need to keep them moving, no matter where they need to go. Innovative tools like our CarTrade program and our Ride & Shop program came about in an effort to make transportation easier for them. Grandparents give us so much. They delight us with their insights, bless us with their wisdom, perspective and experience, make us laugh with their jokes and stories. They are why we do what we do.

So Grandparents’ Day means a lot to us. It’s a reminder not only of the relationships with the elders in our own families, but also the relationships that grow out of the work we do, the older people that have found their way into our lives as a result of the ITN network. Miles and miles of driving means lots of car time, and we spend time with so many wonderful grandparents. We pride ourselves on helping people support their loved ones from afar, and in so doing we created our own non-grandparent grandparent connections. That’s the impact of the ITN community.

So this Grandparents’ Day, if you’re missing your own grandparents, or if you’re looking for the chance to support others in their efforts to keep their own family members healthy, happy and part of their lives, consider joining ITNAmerica as we work to support seniors. Become a non-riding ITN member. If you live in a community with an ITN affiliate, volunteer as a driver. Or consider making a donation. See just how powerful the connections can be. Join us. There’s no better reason than Grandparents Day.