Life Keeps Going

“Do you know one of the most difficult things? Buttoning your collar button. It’s a task that requires remarkable dexterity, and as I get older it gets harder and harder.”

Rob is 70, a retired military officer. He’s active, loves boating, taking walks with his wife and mowing the grass of his lawn. He drives, and intends to keep doing so for years to come. He’s independent, capable, the kind of guy you’d call if you needed help painting your house or raking leaves, anything physical. But as he’s gotten older he’s noticed such things get harder. His muscle tone is reduced, he says, and he has a harder time balancing. When he bumps into something he bruises more easily.

“It’s part of growing older,” he says. “It happens to everybody.”

The physical changes of aging are inevitable. They occur differently in everyone, but as we get older our bodies unavoidably begin showing their age. It’s inescapable: Eyesight dims, reaction times slow, and it becomes more difficult to walk, balance, bend and move with precision. Dexterity declines. Muscles weaken. Bones weaken. Tendons stiffen. It’s a slow, cumulative process, but as we push into our 60s, 70s and 80s the course is set. The years march relentlessly on, and as they pass they carry us with them. Over time even the most capable among us start to slow.

That’s why ITNs are here — to ensure the march of years is not so fierce it overtakes independence. Over time, the night vision necessary to drive when it’s dark may fade, but with ITN that doesn’t mean you have to stay home in the evening: Our drivers can keep you on the road, keep you active and social despite the night. If you’re unsteady on your feet, that doesn’t mean you have to give up going the places you want to go or doing the things you love: ITNs arm-through-arm, door-through-door service is specifically designed to offer the stabilizing arm necessary to keep you moving.

The physical transformation of age is inevitable, but its impact on your life is not. Join ITN, where life keeps going.