Katherine’s Walk: Days 20-21, June 5 & 6

My folks moved to Connecticut this year and decided to stop driving at the same time, for safety reasons.  But that doesn’t mean my 85 year old mother, Betty Abrams, sits home, or that she is not fit.  She walks practically every day, a 1.25 miles loop through the grounds at MacLean in Simsbury, or, if the weather is bad, she walks indoors, a similar amount.  Many people where she lives keep little tables or chairs outside their doors and change the decorations with the season.  My mother takes note of them all on her indoor walks.  We did the indoor and the outdoor loops, so I am guessing we did about 2 miles.  Why am I including my mother as an advisor?  She’s a very smart lady, but more than this, because we all have older people in our lives who are trying to remain active and engaged when they limit or stop driving.  No dialogue about mobility for older people is ever complete without the full engagement of the older people. 

(2 miles, 40.5 miles total)