Katherine’s Walk: Days 15+ in May

It’s been awhile.  I’ve been walking; I just haven’t been blogging.  I would estimate the miles I have walked since I last logged in at about 12.  Not great, but better than nothing. Two complete Baxter Boulevard laps on two different days, and several one mile walks with a few different people.

Last week I traveled down the east coast by car and train for visits and training walks with my Council of Advisors, my mother, and Senator Susan Collins.  My 24 hour walk is just a few days away, and the visits boosted my strength and built my sense of adventure for the big day, June 18-19.

My trip was a small adventure, but I loved it.  The 24 hour walk is also an adventure, a simple way to take a stand for something I believe in—dignified and sustainable transportation for older people.  I like walks—fundraising walks, leisurely walks, competitive walks.  There is something so simple and democratic about standing up and being counted, like the impulse to jump to your feet for a standing ovation, an impulse that propels you vertically, a jolt of enthusiasm.  A walk in support of something we believe in is like a standing ovation in motion.

The ITNAmerica Council of Advisors is only three people, so each member is so very important to us.  The first person to join our Council of Advisors was former Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta.  Next, after we completed our business plan for the national roll out of ITNAmerica, the architect behind the plan, Andrew Wolk of Root Cause (on the picture), agreed to join our Council of Advisors.  He was also very kind and said he would always be there for us.  Andrew is in Cambridge.

Finally, Dr. Robert Butler, CEO of the International Longevity Center in New York City is a member of our Council of Advisors.  Dr. Butler is probably the most famous geriatrician in the United States, perhaps the world, so when he agreed to join our work in senior transportation, I was deeply honored.  And when he agreed to walk with me, I was just tickled.

Here’s my gallery of Walking Advisors:

  • Betty Abrams, my mother—Simsbury, Connecticut
  • Dr. Robert Butler, International Longevity Center—New York City
  • Secretary Norman Mineta—Washington, DC
  • Senator Susan Collins—Washington, DC
  • Andrew Wolk, Root Cause—Cambridge, Massachusetts

Could anyone wish for better advisors?

(12 miles, 38.5 miles total)

Andrew Wolk, member of the ITNAmerica Council of Advisors