Katherine’s Walk: Day Ten, April 11

Spring is here. Oh, these little baby leaves. I have to share my outdoor time now with yard work. Never believe anyone who tells you there is such a thing as a low maintenance yard, unless maybe it is concrete. Saturday was all yard work and errands, but Sunday was another matter. I had two volunteer rides for ITN, so I planned my walk between them. Even after all these years, I still love to volunteer to drive. The people we drive are so nice, and even on the shortest trip, they talk about something interesting. Sunday, I learned a little bit about London in World War II from my ITN passenger, a war bride.

Before my first ride, I stopped at the corner bakery for coffee and a loaf of bread for the week. It’s a neighborhood bread bakery in an old fire station. My favorite part is the corner table for little children, with rolling pins and muffin pans and lots of dough for them to squish. Real play dough.

I picked up my first passenger at an independent living facility in Portland and drove her to the Congregational Church right here in my neighborhood. Then off I went to Mackworth Island for a walk around the perimeter of the island. Mackworth is in Falmouth, right next to Portland, connected to the main land by a little bridge, so it is easy to drive across and have a lovely walk beside the ocean, looking back across the water at Portland and around Casco Bay at other islands. There were so many people walking, with children, dogs, or just hand in hand, I had a hard time taking pictures for you without invading their privacy. I finally took a little movie of the fairy village for you. And I realized I can talk on the recording, too.

After the walk, I took another lady home from the Catholic Church, stopping with her on the way home to pick up the Sunday newspaper. Both my morning riders told me they had stopped driving for safety reasons and both said ITN is wonderful and helps keep them independent. Interestingly, both have family in the area and ride with them, too, but not all the time.

I’m off to Massachusetts this week, so maybe I can walk there and send you a picture. And I’ll tell you how you can join me in my Walk for Rides, if you like, to help support senior transportation and older drivers. (1.5 miles, 23 miles total)

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Katherine’s Walk at Mackworth Island (Falmouth, Maine)
Fairy village at Mackworth Island