Katherine’s Walk: Day Six, April 3

Saturday and it is a glorious spring day. I headed for the Fore River Sanctuary, right here in the City of Portland. Hard to believe such a beautiful walk can be a mile from my city house. I can access the start of the trail behind a medical building, and within a hundred feet, I am in the woods, following a trail over wooden foot bridges, along salt marshes, across railroad tracks, and finally to Jewell Falls, the only waterfall in Portland. I have so many pictures for you this time, I made a slide show. And this video is taken from the small wooden bridge over the Falls. Watch as I walk back down the path, then look up again at the bridge where I started. Portland has so many beautiful walks within a few minutes drive of my house I can enjoy a different walk every day of the week. Visit my Walk for Rides website to learn more about the 24 hour walk to support dignified transportation for seniors I’m training for June 18-19 in Portland. (3 miles, 16 miles total)

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Fore River Sanctuary
Trail at Fore River Sanctuary
Fore River Sanctuary
My walk at the Fore River Sanctuary