ITNAmerica‘s National Car Donation Program

We did it! After all these years of working with communities to help set up ITN affiliates — we are now in 15 states — we finally have a national car donation program. Now, anyone anywhere in the United States who wants to help support the nation’s first and only transportation network for seniors and people with visual impairments can donate a car to help the cause.

Please don’t confuse car donation with ITN’s CarTrade™ program, in which older people trade their no longer used cars to help pay for their own rides. Aging Today, newsletter of the American Society on Aging, has a story on CarTrade and how it can help older people and their families with the transition from driving. CarTrade is arranged directly with each ITN Affiliate Community.

Car donation is a charitable gift, and if you have a vehicle you are no longer using, car donation is a great way to help ITNAmerica build a dignified solution for mobility for our aging population. As the end of the tax year approaches and you are thinking of ways to give, we hope you will remember our efforts to build a strong, community based, volunteer supported, grassroots solution to a very quiet need that touches every family in America.

Donate your car now.