ITNAmerica Joins Liberty Mutual’s National Conversation Drive in New York’s Grand Central Station

I am on my way to Grand Central Station, New York City. After months of not being able to write my blog – blogger’s block maybe – I am writing in the back seat of a yellow cab, on my way to Liberty Mutual’s National Conversation Drive in Grand Central Station. After 20 years of talking with adult children who are worried about their parents’ driving but don’t know how to begin the conversation, I am grateful and awestruck that Liberty Mutual is holding a major event in New York City today to help people begin this conversation on a national scale. I know that when we help families with this sensitive issue we are saving lives, but to see it, to be here, is one of those BIG days in life you never forget.

If you or someone you love is worried about senior driving, or you just want to learn more, please visit Liberty Mutual’s National Conversation Drive and take the pledge to have a conversation. For every conversation, Liberty Mutual will donate $10 to ITNAmerica, directly supporting rides for seniors across the country.

To learn more about senior transportation and how to start an ITN affiliate in your community, contact us and we will do our best to help you, through our new webinar series, or a one-to-one conversation.