Holiday Conversations

There is no easy time to tell someone to consider giving up driving.

Maybe it’s a parent, a sibling, a grandparent or a family friend — it doesn’t really matter who you’re talking to, the subject is hard to approach. A conversation about the driver’s seat is a conversation about independence. No one wants to let go of that.

But life catches up with us all. Eventually, everyone slows down, and for some slowing down shows itself most when behind a steering wheel. We all grow old, and as we age mobility changes. These can be some of the hardest conversations of our lives.

There are important words to remember, words like “I love you,” and “I want to help you remain independent.” These phrases may help, but still it won’t be easy.

So when to have this conversation? Now. This is the time to have these talks: This month. This season. This moment. Now.

Why now? Because it’s the holidays. It’s a time when families and loved ones gather together. We share meals and exchange gifts. We see each other, laugh and talk. This is the time for meaningful discussions about our lives, our futures and our present.

If you have someone to talk to about driving, talk to them now. Surround them with family, loved ones and friends. Let them know you care, that you support them, and that their decision to make safe driving decisions doesn’t have to leave them isolated.

The very nature of this subject is difficult. But there is no better time. The decision to put aside the car keys is never easy. Be a part of the solution. Start the conversation.

And as always, ITNAmerica has tools to make the driver’s seat transition easier. From the Rides in Sight database of senior transportation providers to our nationwide network of affiliates, let us support you as you support the people you love.