Five Ways to be part of ITNAmerica

ITNAmerica is dedicated to senior transportation. Need a ride? Call us. We have a nationwide network of drivers and operate the largest database of senior transport services in the country. If anyone can find you a ride, we can.

But we can’t do it alone. ITNs are built on the support of their community, support of people like you. We are locally led but connected nationally, and we need your help. Older people everywhere rely on us, and we rely on you.

Want to get involved? Here’s five ways you can:

  1. Become a member — Are you less comfortable behind the wheel than you used to be? Don’t let that slow you down. ITN members can use our car service any time they wish and for any reason. Calling us isn’t like calling a cab or a transit company — ITN’s drivers are regular people like you, members of your community who want to make a difference, providing rides in their personal vehicles. Riding with ITN is more like riding with a friend than taking a taxi, and many drivers develop close friendships with their riders. The drivers are screened, the rides are safe, and the rates are reasonable. This is a network you want to be a part of.
  2. Volunteer as a driver — Our success hinges on the support of our volunteer drivers. Our drivers are courteous, caring and timely. They drive because they are dedicated to helping others and to serving their communities. To drive for us takes no special license and no special skills; it only requires time and a desire to do something meaningful. Drivers drive their own cars around their own neighborhoods. They pick up their own neighbors and give them rides to places in and around their own communities. This is neighbor helping neighbor, the very core of the word “community.” Drivers receive a free ITN membership, and from their first ride they begin banking credits for their own future transportation needs.
  3. Start an ITN — The strength of ITNAmerica is our network. We are a national organization with affiliates from Maine to Florida to California, and across the network affiliates offer member reciprocity: Drive in Pennsylvania and you can use your credits to get your aunt a ride in Kentucky; trade your car in for rides in Oklahoma and share your ride credits with your brother in New Jersey. The more communities that join our network the more valuable the network becomes. We are already making a difference in communities across the country, but with your help we can cover the map. Start an ITN in your community today.
  4. Join a board — ITNAmerica is a nonprofit, and so are our affiliates. We run on volunteers, including a volunteer board that governs the organization. Want to give back in a professional capacity? Want to lend your skills to sustaining and growing the senior transportation capacity in your community? Join an ITN board and help us grow and prosper.
  5. Donate — As a nonprofit, we rely on donations. Donations support our staff, the growth of our organization, upgrades in our technology and our day-to-day operations. They keep us going, help us create innovative solutions to transportation challenges, and they ensure seniors everywhere have access to dignified transportation. You can give in a number of ways — cash, check, credit card, online or by mail, through the donation of your car or by donating stocks. All of it makes a difference, and all are also tax deductible. If you want to help ITNAmerica help older people in your community, donate today.

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    • Hi Tim, thanks for writing. There are a number of benefits to driving. Most people do it to give back to their community and to help seniors stay independent. There is also the free annual membership for yourself and a friend, as well as the ability to begin accruing transportation credits. Credits can go in an account for your own future use, or they can be transferred to a loved one for their transportation needs, or they can be donated to the Road Scholarship Program for low-income riders. Drivers also get mileage reimbursement.

      For more details about volunteering contact your local affiliate.

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