Connecting Families Over Time and Distance

So what else can you do with transportation credits?

Transportation credits are the heart of all ITNs, the grease that keeps the ITN machine moving. A few weeks ago we shared a blog posts explaining how transportation credits work, how to earn them and how they can be saved in personal transportation accounts for future use, but that’s only part of the story. Transportation credits are more than just a way to bank for your own future transportation needs — they allow members to bridge issues of distance as well as time.

For example: Perhaps you have a non-driving relative who lives in Orlando, Florida. You want to support their mobility, but you live 800 miles away in Lexington, Kentucky. Clearly you aren’t close enough to give that relative rides to the grocery store or the mall, but with ITN transportation credits distance doesn’t matter. By volunteering to drive for ITNBluegrass, which operates in your home town of Lexington, you can bank transportation credits while supporting senior mobility in your own community. As those credits accrue, you can then transfer them to an account at ITNOrlando in the name of your relative. Suddenly you’ve given that relative access to all of the ride services ITNs offer, without ever leaving home. That relative can take rides anywhere they want, enjoying arm-through-arm and door-through-door service thanks to you and ITN transportation credits.

This is the power of transportation credits: Paired with our nationwide network, distance is no longer a barrier to supporting family and friends. Credits zip cross-country with ease — from Monterey, California, to West Hartford, Connecticut, even 3,000 miles is nothing.

Or perhaps you and your three siblings live in different cities — your home is in Southern Delaware, one sibling is in Northern New Jersey, another is in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania, and another is in Portland, Maine. Your parents live in Memphis, Tennessee. All four children can use the ITN system to work together to support their parents year round simply by volunteering in their own communities. Together you can earn transportation credits and send them to ITNMemphis, ensuring your parents are able to remain mobile without ever boarding a plane.

Transportation credits make it all possible. Not only do they put the power to secure your own future transportation needs into your hands, they are also a tool for looking after friends and family, the people you want to support as they age in place but might not be able to look in on every day. Transportation credits and the ITN network make it easy to ensure those you love have access to transportation no matter how far away you live. Neither time nor distance is an obstacle with ITN transportation credits.