Car Donations, A Natural ITN Fit

If ever there were a non-profit organization born for car donation—ITN is it. All year long ITN affiliates recruit the volunteer drivers, coordinate the rides, and work with the families to help meet the transportation needs of older loved ones. Our work is about rides, rides and more rides, and getting people to the places they need to go means we put miles on our tires — literally millions.

So this holiday season, when you think cars, think of us. This is, after all, a time of charity, a season of giving. And these days, cars can be transformed into charitable gifts. Look out your window. Is an old car sitting in the driveway? Is it time to sell, upgrade, move on or get rid of it? Still weighing where it might go? Consider ITN.

(Click here to donate your car.)

ITNs are car-centric organizations. As transportation-focused nonprofits, our affiliates deal daily with steering wheels and brake pedals, gas caps and turn signals. A car’s empty passenger seat is a tool, one we put to work daily in support senior mobility.

Consider ITN, because let’s face it, ITN work is car work. When it comes to senior transportation and ensuring adequate mobility for older people, lives are kept moving through the turning of four wheels. Cars make it possible. Cars are our heart. Cars, cars, cars. That’s ITN.

You could send your car to the food pantry, or the Salvation Army, or the local public radio station. Or you could send it to ITN.  But cars are a natural fit for ITNs. It just makes sense. Want to support us, to support our work meeting the transportation needs of older people everywhere? Donate your car. Turn your wheels into one more ride.

Car donation is open to everyone, regardless of location. It can be directed to the ITN affiliate of your choice, or to ITNAmerica. Contact us or your local ITN affiliate if you’d like to donate. Donations are tax deductible.

And if you are an ITN member, consider our CarTrade program, turning your old car into transportation credits instead of a tax deductible donation. Contact your local affiliate to take advantage of either program.

(Click here to donate your car.)

2 thoughts on “Car Donations, A Natural ITN Fit

  • How could we qualify to receive a car for our ministry.? We are a recovery center and do house seniors that require transportation to doctor’s appointments and other errands. I am 61 myself and do help with the transportation. I have no vehicle of my own to help them with.

    • Hi Dorothy. Thanks for writing. Unfortunately ITNAmerica doesn’t provide cars for other organizations. However, if someone in your community was interested in starting an affiliate, we would be happy to work with them on setting up our community-based transportation model.
      Otherwise, if you’re looking for transportation options in your area for older people be sure to look at our Rides in Sight program. It contains information on transportation options for communities nationwide. It’s free to use, and if you prefer to talk by phone rather than search the database yourself we have representatives standing by: 1-855-607-4337

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