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Katherine’s Walk: Day 25, June 15

June 18, 2010


This was my last training walk and I am glad Dougie could join me. He’s been sidelined with an injury, but he will be back to walk with me again on Friday, June 18, for my 24 Hour Walk for Rides. We did an easy walk part way around Baxter Boulevard, but the Celtics were playing at 8PM, so that was it for Dougie’s interest in walking. Looks like my grand total mileage for training is just shy of 50 miles. See you all in person or in spirit at Baxter Boulevard, in Portland, Maine, for the day we all stand up for dignified transportation for the older people in our lives who have given us all so much, and who now need us to stand up for them, for the mobility they need to lead full and active lives, whether or not they drive a car.

(.2 miles, 49.5 miles total)

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