Dignified transportation for seniors

The Original TNC

What is a Transportation Network Company? These days everyone is talking about Transportation Network Companies. The big names like Uber and Lyft make daily news as a new form of transportation service provider, born in the smartphone era and upending old models for hailing rides. In 2017 it’s now passé to call a cab; millennials Read more about The Original TNC[…]

A “Livable” Future

What makes a place “livable”? Here at ITNAmerica we focus on senior mobility because mobility is integral to living a full life. We all need opportunities to walk, exercise, connect with others and engage with the world, but when older Americans lose their ability to drive they often find themselves trapped. Particularly in suburban neighborhoods Read more about A “Livable” Future[…]

Doing the Best We Can with What We Have

At ITNAmerica, we are problem solvers. We view obstacles as opportunities that give us a chance to test our creativity. This is the mindset we brought to senior transportation, and it led us to our current arm-through-arm, door-through-door model, a successful pairing of technology, dedicated volunteers and seniors looking for safe, dependable transportation services. Now Read more about Doing the Best We Can with What We Have[…]

Dr. Gwen Bergen of the CDC on how older adults can remain mobile and be safer drivers

Dr. Gwen Bergen’s personal experiences are what led to her interest in public health. She grew up whitewater kayaking and canoeing and had some friends who were hurt and another who drowned as a result of these activities. What she realized, consequently, is that many fatal and nonfatal injuries are preventable. She earned her master’s Read more about Dr. Gwen Bergen of the CDC on how older adults can remain mobile and be safer drivers[…]

Martha Giles

Martha Giles April 14, 1929 – December 9, 2011 Have you seen this picture of the laughing lady? The lady’s name was Martha Lucretia Holt Whidden Giles, and she was the most remarkable volunteer driver ITN has ever known. Martha passed away last week. Her record of service will stand for years. Between October 16, Read more about Martha Giles[…]

1,000 Rides — A Community Celebration in Coastal Connecticut

Meeting people in communities all over the United States is one of the happiest parts of my job as Executive Director at ITNAmerica. This week I had the good fortune to speak at the 1,000 Rides Celebration for ITNCoastalCT. The event was held at a beautiful church, and the room was filled with people who Read more about 1,000 Rides — A Community Celebration in Coastal Connecticut[…]